My daughter Janelle is on the Autism Spectrum. Janelle had very little words when we first met Jeana over a year ago. I could see them developing a very special relationship built on trust. The change that I have seen in Janelle has been remarkable and I owe most of that to Jeana. I truly feel blessed to have Jeana in my daughter’s life. Jeana has always been very accommodating to my full-time work schedule. By offering evening sessions, I am able to attend ALL sessions with my daughter. As far as I am aware, no other service provides this option. With Let’s Talk NS I am very excited to have started the Intensive PECS training and I have no doubt the results will be amazing! Keep doing what you are doing! I’m so proud of you Jeana!

Karen M. (parent)


Jeana is an amazing woman who is incredibly patient, caring, intelligent, and driven. You will be in good hands with her.”

Holly L. (parent)  
We discovered our daughter had delayed speech at 20 months and was referred into the public system. After learning about their long wait time and limited resources, we found Jeana at Let’s Talk NS. We cannot say enough good things about Jeana and what this service has done for our daughter. Their response was quick, and Jeana has been very accommodating, warm, and professional.
When I first reached out I was still overwhelmed and guilt-stricken but Jeana was so kind, understanding, and reassuring. Jeana is phenomenal with our daughter, who absolutely adores her. Jeana taught our family how to create an environment that encourages our daughter to verbalize while being fun and easy to implement. In about 1 month, our daughter went from occasionally speaking 2 words to saying nearly 50! Helping our daughter discover these tools has even cut down the tantrums and messy melt downs.
After working with Jeana for about 3 months, our daughter is now officially scoring in the normal range for verbal expression. We couldn’t be more grateful for everything that Jeana has done for our family.
If you have a toddler waiting in the system for speech difficulties, reach out to Let’s Talk NS- without a doubt, you will not regret it!
Sara S. (parent)