Intensive PECS Support


Intensive *PECS Support Package: 
*Picture Exchange Communication System

Is your child currently learning the PECS? Would you like to increase your child’s ability to use PECS with a variety of people, in different situations, and for more complex requests?

Is your child entering a new class or group, where the teachers are unfamiliar with PECS or need support in finding opportunities throughout the day?

This package provides three 3 hour blocks of service, ideally within one week, to ensure a comprehensive view on the ways we can incorporate PECS into your child’s daily routine. The intensity will help your child learn the process as well as generalize their skill to all areas of their life. The longer, more frequent, blocks of service also helps to support communication partners in learning their role, and increases their capacity to continue finding opportunities to connect.

  • 3, 3 hour blocks (9 hours direct service)
  • Training and support for various Communication Partners
  • 1:1 Direct support for your child, in a variety of settings
$360  +tax



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