Workshops for Educators

Workshops and group programs are available for groups of educators and those working in early childhood settings to learn how to promote children’s language, literacy, and social skills in Early Childhood Education Settings.

Teacher Talk Programs:






Encouraging Language and Development in Early Childhood Settings

Learn how to create enriched, interactive language-learning environments during play and daily activities.

Let Language Lead the Way to Literacy

Explore how to lay the foundation for literacy by making reading and writing a natural, meaningful part of every day, and by making book reading a time for interaction, conversation, and learning.

Fostering Peer Interaction in Early Childhood Settings

Learn how to provide a physical and social environment that encourages and creates opportunities for peer interaction.


All programs are delivered in either one 6 hour session or two 3 hour sessions. 

*Prices are based on size of group. Please contact for more details.