Does your child have difficulty pronouncing certain speech sounds?  …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will help your child work on their speech sounds while playing games and having fun.

Do you worry your toddler isn’t talking enough? …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will provide you with strategies to promote language development in your everyday life.

Does your child struggle with grammar, pronouns, or other language skills?   …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will use your child’s interest to develop activities and games to target their language goals.

Does your child use PECS, an iPad, or another AAC device to communicate? …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will support your child in learning to communicate with AAC, educating other family members and friends in how to communicate with your child, and setting up opportunities for your child to communicate in a variety of situations and with a variety of people.

Do you wish your child was able to use their communication with more people, or when out and about in their community?   …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will support your child in community outings and participating in events or groups where they can work on their communication goals. This could include having a conversation at the playground, ordering food at a restaurant, or asking a stranger for directions. Let’s Talk will support your child to use their communication in new ways and with new people, encouraging more independence and connection.


Does your child have difficulty with social skills or making friends?   …Let’s Talk!

Let’s Talk! will help your child with conversation skills, tuning in to others, understanding social rules, and practicing engaging with others.

Check out the About page for a complete list of goals Let’s Talk! can help with!


Where do sessions take place?

Let’s Talk! will provide services in your home, at school (with permission from school), after school programs or other childcare facilities (with permission), extracurricular activities, or other various places in the community.

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available!


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