Let’s Talk! offers services from a Communication Coach to support your child’s communication goals.

Let’s Talk! provides services at home, in childcare programs/schools, and in the community.

Let’s Talk! offers 1:1 support to help your child improve their communication skills by targeting goals, outlined by a Speech Language Pathologist (or teacher for literacy goals), while having fun!

At Let’s Talk! we believe that communication is the key to connection. We are passionate about helping children increase their connection to their family, friends, and community.

Evening & Weekend Appointments Available!


Meet Our Team!

Jeana Conalas, Let’s Talk! Director, Communication Coach

Jeana, a born bluenoser, spent most of her childhood in New Brunswick and returned to Halifax in 2004. After completing a degree at Dalhousie University she completed the Communication Disorders Technician Program through NSCC.

Since 2009 Jeana has been working as a Communication Disorders Technician with the Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres; working with children with speech, language, and social communication delays. She has over 7 years experience working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families.

Prior to working as a CDT she was an Instructor of Kaplan’s SpellRead Program; working with preschool and elementary children on their writing and reading skills. Jeana has also held the position of Senior Camp Counsellor for the Autism Summer Camp through Autism Nova Scotia, and was a volunteer with the Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia’s LINKS Program tutoring elementary children with reading and writing learning disabilities.

Jeana is passionate about working with children and improving the quality of their life by helping them reach their communication goals and increase their connection to their families, friends, and community. Jeana is focused on a family-centered approach; meaning your goals are her priority. She sees every child as an individual first, and wants to use their unique strengths to help them succeed and feel a greater sense of inner strength and belonging.


Communication Disorders Technician Certificate 

Learning Disabilities Association of Nova Scotia LINKS

Picture Exchange Communication System Certificate

Autism Nova Scotia Respite Training

Criminal Records Check

Vulnerable Persons Check

Child Abuse Registry Check

Standard First Aid CPR (C) AED


Krista Wardrope, Communication Coach

Krista was born and raised in Milford, Nova Scotia and has lived in various parts of NS since 2000. After completing The Child & Youth Care Worker program at Holland College in 2001, she completed the Communications Disorders Technician program at NSCC in 2007.

Since November 2007 until June 2017 Krista worked as a Communication Disorders Technician with Nova Scotia Hearing & Speech Centres. She worked with children with speech, language, and social communication delays. She also specialized in Augmentative Alternative Communication while working at the IWK Children’s Hospital. She is now currently a Community Coordinator providing speech and hearing screenings to various First Nation & Mi’kmaq communities throughout the mainland of Nova Scotia.

Krista has 16 years of experience working with children, youth & families with various conditions & disorders; including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome,  Cerebral Palsy, Global Developmental Delays, ADD/ADHD, and Speech and Language Delays & Disorders. Krista has also provided parent coaching & education to families, as well as professional development to Early Childhood Educators.

Prior to working as a Communication Disorders Technician Krista was a Child & Youth Care Worker & Early Childhood Educator/After School Teacher at the Halifax Y.W.C.A. She then went on to work for the school board as a Educational Assistant & provided personal, behavioural, and learning support to students on Independent Program Plans.


Communication Disorders Technician Certificate
Learning language & loving It Certificate, The Hanen Program
Picture Exchange Communication System Certificate
Child & Youth Care Worker Diploma
Criminal Record check
Vulnerable Persons check
Child Abuse Registry check

Camille Magsambol, Communication Coach


Camille is a Developmental Interventionist originally from Toronto, Ontario. Her experience is mostly in direct speech and language therapy with preschool to school aged children.

Camille graduated from the University of Toronto in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Health Studies. She went on to complete a Communicative Disorders Assistant post-graduate certificate from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.

Camille has worked in the field for almost 5 years in the Toronto and Halifax areas, working on early language, pragmatic, articulation, literacy, and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) goals. She has worked with children with different diagnoses, including autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, speech and language disorders and delays, and brain injuries in different settings, most recently with Nova Scotia Hearing and Speech Centres and the IWK Health Centre.


Communicative Disorders Assistant post-graduate certificate
Picture Exchange Communication System
Cultural Safety Training
Criminal Record with Vulnerable Persons Check
Child Abuse Registry Check
Standard First Aid CPR (C) AED
Non-violent Crisis Intervention


Let’s Talk! Communication Coaches have experience with:

Speech & Language Goals:

  • Articulation Goals (speech sounds)
  • Phonological Goals (initial/final consonant deletion, cluster reduction, etc)
  • Early Language (increase use of words and word combinations, language comprehension)
  • Late Language (build vocabulary, increase sentence length, grammar, asking and answering questions, understanding concepts [same/different], prepositions, pronouns, verbs, sequencing, telling stories)
  • Oral Motor Speech Goals

Literacy Goals:

  • Early Literacy (rhyming, letter identification)
  • Literacy (word recognition, reading, writing, creative writing)

Play Skills/Social Skills Goals:

  • Play Skills (increase toy play)
  • Social Skills (turn taking, conversation skills, tuning in to others, theory of mind [different people have different likes/dislikes, thoughts, false beliefs, etc], interpret body language)

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Goals:

  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • Communication Boards
  • iPad Communication Apps (Speak for Yourself, Proloquo2go)

Visual Supports:

  • Social Stories, Personal Stories
  • First/Then Visuals
  • Visual Schedules
  • Task Strips


  • Talkability Strategies
  • All Together Now! Strategies
  • Target Word Strategies
  • Pivotal Response Treatment Strategies (PRT)
  •  Hanen Early language strategies